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Denzel Washington Stars in Raisin in the Sun on Broadway


While Oscar winner Denzel Washington is best known for his blockbuster movie roles, the actor wows audiences yet again in his spectacular theater performance. Denzel Washington on Broadway in Raisin in the Sun is a new take on the classic 1959 tale by Lorraine Hansberry. The show has been described as heartstopping, revelatory, and simply superb having been redone by director Kenny Leon.


The story is centered on the struggles of an African American family who wish to end their daily struggles after inheriting some money. The play was originally developed to be portrayed on Broadway and to depict the difficulties that family had faced in a specific period. The remake has been described as captivating and spellbinding that delivers a very important message.


The award winning actor plays the role of a chauffeur who wishes to achieve great financial success and wealth, but does not have the formal background or business inclination to do so. The classic tale is considered heart warming, humorous, and leaves a great impact on the audience. It depicts the reality of the struggles that so many faced without the relevant training, but with a great deal of passion.


A star studded cast delivers superb performances including LaTanya Richardson Jackson known for her gritty approach. British actress Sophie Okonedo, has been Oscar nominated for her role as supporting actress in Hotel Rwanda plays the role of loving wife. Anika Noni Rose is a younger individual who wishes to attend medical school.


With most of the attention being on Denzel for his incredible live performances, it is also important to remember the power and the realness that actresses including LaTanya and Anika bring to the table. The entire ensemble breathes life into the play that has been said to truly capture the hearts of its audiences. It is a real story focusing on the struggles that this particular family had to face and overcome during a difficult stage in their lives.

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