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Fantasia Barrino Is Making Waves on Broadway In After Midnight

Many people know Fantasia Barrino as being the winner of a popular television competition, however, this sultry-voice singer has also cut a few albums, won a Grammy, published a book and make her fight against illiteracy public. Now, she is currently starring in amazing Broadway play entitled "After Midnight".

She is actually the very first of many guest stars in this play. There is an impressive all-star lineup of guest stars that theater goers can expect, with the rotating roster. Thus, those who want to see this songstress tap dance, act and use her amazing vocals as part of this story-line will have to act fast. This is an opportunity for viewer to see exactly how deep her talents truly go and way she remains a major player in both the music industry and on stage.

This jazzy Broadway musical features a lot of tap dancing and singing that celebrates the African American culture and its rich history. The songstress is not a novice to the stage and thus, she is bringing quite a bit of experience to her guest run. She astounded audiences with her performance in the stage rendition of "The Color Purple" and no less is expected of her in this role.

The dance numbers in this play are visually stunning. Reviewers have called them both acrobatic and high-energy. There is hand-dancing, which is dancing while standing on the hands and soft shoe among many other styles. Tap dancing is also a major part of this display as are a number of sassy ballads, creole swing songs, jazz, big band and so much more.

Those who are ready to see Fantasia Barrino again display her impressive acting chops will love "After Midnight". Although she is expecting to have a lengthy run, she's still a part of a guest line up. This means that the opportunity to see her in this diverse and colorful role remains limited.

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