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Yago Monique (Multi-Talent)

This Arkansas native decided that Little Rock wasn’t the place to establish her modeling & TV career, and arrived in New York City with around $1000 to get in where she fitted in. That feat she achieved, already blazing through New York City’s multimedia scene, with TV Hosting roles for Video City, Hip Hop Secrets, and the International Reggae & World Music Awards. If that wasn’t enough, this Southern Girl virtually stole the show on our publishers own Holliworld TV reality series, which scored the highest viewers to date. Not to forget various print features such as Chicago Tribune and Seventeen Magazine just to name a few. As former spokesmodel of Estee Lauder, its only the beginning of a multi-faceted career that has made that thousand dollar gamble VERY WELL worth it. Credit: Avenue 1- New Yorks Ultimate Urban Guide and Susan Davis of Davis Media

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