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The Brewing Dept, INC, NYC

The Brewing Dept. is a theater collective that focuses on long-term development of work, incorporating artist and audience feedback throughout the creative process. This is a chance to play a fundamental role in the creation of the work.


The Guatemala Project is a new work about the experiences of an American as she encounters the people and realities of life in modern Guatemala.


Seeking:3 Male actors and 2 Female actors, aged 20s-50s, must be fluent in both English and Spanish.

Actor 1:Plays Luis, a language teacher; 30s-40s

Actor 2:Plays Amaro and Pedro, survivors of the Guatemalan Civil War; 40s-50s

Actor 3:Plays a young lawyer, a jokester named Rocael, and a little boy; 20s-30s


Actress 1:Plays Rufina and Elani, survivors of the Guatemalan Civil War; 50s

Actress 2:Plays Dona Rosa, Lily, Rigoberta Menchu, and others; 30s


Send To:The

Brewing Dept, INC

PO Box 1623 Radio City Station

attn: Guatemala Project

New York NY 10101


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